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Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is a powerful, 100% eco-friendly and safe cleaning procedure. Mainly made up of CO2 that’s kept at a -79 Celsius degrees temperature, dry ice is odorless, non flammable and is considered a green innovation in terms of new pickling technologies.


As a tried and tested avant-garde restoring and maintenance approach, dry ice blasting uses carbonic dioxide snow to clean and restore surfaces into their original appearance.


Dry ice is used to:


  •        Clean fragile and delicate surfaces

  •        Dry clean electrical and electronic appliances

  •        Clean graffiti and paint stains

  •        Degrease and remove grime on machinery


  •         Paint Removal and striping


With no chemical product processing, this process is not abrasive, does not leave residues or deposits, and is considered to be quicker and cheaper than traditional cleaning methods. With its extensive experience in the industrial cleaning industry, Ricci Group is the leader in dry ice blasting in Montreal.