Ricci Mobile Wash Ltd. Specialists in cleaning after fire
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Building Cleaning

Thanks to its strong expertise and professional tools, Groupe Ricci restores all types of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Other than restoring outer surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, aggregate stucco, marble and wood.


Our specialized services:


  •        Full cleaning of outer surfaces (graffiti, paint stains, wear marks, etc.)

  •        Degreasing of concrete floors

  •        Cleaning and decontaminating of warehouses and factories

  •        Cleaning and grease removal of machinery, machining devices
           and heavy machinery

  •       Cleaning of lifts, cranes and bulldozers

  •        Cleaning of silos, basins, tanks, vats and reservoirs

  •        Steam cleaning of freezers, industrial refrigerators and
           cold rooms

  •        Pumping after floods

  •        Cleaning and dust removal of ventilating systems, vent pipes,
           condensers and heat exchangers

  •        Acid pickling cleaning of piping and metal parts

  •        Cleaning of boilers and sewers.